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Image inspection system apparatus

Metal Surface Inspection Device ①High Res-S ②High Res-HS

Inspection device (High-Res-2) was developed and started sales based on the new technology simultaneously inspecting ①Determination of a scratch and a line under oil ② Opposing corner and diagonal line ③Determination with burr .

New Technology

1.oil stained steel sheet

Dark field lighting effect

  • ・It allows the inspection of the scratches without being affected by the stain.
  • ・it turns the signal from the oil down, and also become capable of detect the longitudinal linear defect.

Installation of grid lighting at
a sensing environment

  • 1、Grid lighting
  • 2、LED diffused reflection lighting

2.Surface inspection for the electrical steel
Detection principle of hole and glitters

It detects such as normal draw scratches and line scratches, and also may discriminate holed defects and detect glitters on the surface of the electrical steel.

Inspection method for holes

Add LED lighting for the inspection for holes to the surface inspection part, and the holed defects will be detected and determined surely by the transmission type hole inspection,
as well as the holed defect discrimination function from the image processing.

Inspection method for holes

Detect glitters

For the gathering defect of dots that are brightly luminescent generate on the surface of the electrical steel, detect one by one by light defect determination.


When more than designated number of dotted defects are generated within the designated area, determine them as abnormal denseness defects.

System Configuration

Single-face Inspection Device Configuration

1 ) Base Material product


2 ) Slit-formed product


3 ) Sheet-like product


Double-face Inspection Device Configuration

1 ) Double-face Inspection Device Configuration (Base Material product)


2 ) Double-face Inspection Device Configuration (Slit-formed product)


3 ) Double-face Inspection Device Configuration (Sheet-like product)


Specification(In the case of 1400mm test breadth)

Width resolutionCamera 1ch Width of field÷4000pix
Example) When width of field per camera is 700mm
Width of field=700÷400pix=1.75mm/pix
Flow resolution0.2mm(When line speed is 200m/min)
Kinds of detected defects (Examples)(1) Fouling (2) Roll scratch (3) Dents (4) Peel off
(5) Friction (6) Color missing (7) Mixing of extraneous matters
(8) Linear paint defects (9) Plating defects (10) Dirt etc.
Materials to be InspectedCoil (cold rolling, acid pickling), aluminizing stainless materials
Materials to be inspected (length)Max99999m (at the time of base material inspection and slit inspection)
Materials to be inspected (sheet length)Max10000mm (at the time of sheet inspection)

Main screen configuration