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Inkjet Marker


As soon as ink jets out from the center of the nozzle, it is atomized by compressed air that simultaneously jets out, and spreads radially onto the object to mark

Its air-tight structure prevents ink from drying inside but once ink leaves the nozzle it dries quickly by mixing with compressed air.

It can mark not only on the surface, but also on the side edge of the steel plate after slitting.

Nozzle Type

There are two nozzle options to use depending on the area of marking or the purpose.
The quick-drying type uses a standard round nozzle.

For Painting circles and
drawing lines

Round nozzle


Material jets out from the center of the nozzle tip, atomized by compressed air that jets out around the ink and spreads randially on the surface to mark. Suitable for drawing dots or lines.


For marking
larger area

Flat nozzle


Material(paint, ink)jets out from the center of the nozzle tip and produces an oval pattern on the target by start spraying on from opposite the nozzle towards inside. Suitable for marking with ovals or marking areas with some width.


Installation example in a line